So I've been thinking a lot about some of the songs for which I bought sheet music just to play along. I love when artists use the piano to drive a song as the piano is a complete instrument that can stand on its own.

Some songs that I've listed below use primarily the piano or can be played on a piano alone. I hope you enjoy my picks!

1) Someone Like You- Adele
All I can say is this: learning to play arpeggios certainly paid off when playing this song! It's a simple ballad that requires little more than the knowledge of arpeggios to play. Set in the key of A major, most persons who begin playing it, master it very soon. This is one of the great things about this song. It's so simple that it's genius! Here, less really is more as there are no flashy synthesised sounds or loud percussion, but just Adele and a piano! Definitely a winner in my book!

2) The Prayer- Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli
This too, is a very often downloaded song as the words and melody are are just beautiful. It's very appropriate for weddings, and I have performed it as a piano solo several times. When I play it, I immediately begin to think about the phrasing of the song and the legato beginning. A bit more challenging that Someone Like You, but when practised and performed, it is worth all the long hours put into it!

3) You Raise Me Up- Josh Groban
Such an uplifting song! I know that Josh Groban is not the original performer of this song but I first heard about this song after he covered it. I immediately bought my copy and had it shipped home. I must say that having two key changes in a song would ordinarily strike me as tacky, but with this song, it's very well done and capitalises on the emotions of the listener. When I played the song for the first time, as I approached the second key change, my immediate impression was 'OMG! Soo many flats?!!' I won't lie. This part of the piece still gives me trouble and if I play it for the first time in a long while, I have to really go slow! However, it's a joy when you can play all the key changes fluently! A must have for all pianists!

It seems as though I'm running out of time so I will continue this list soon!
6/28/2016 05:20:08 am

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Emma Gloor
4/11/2017 09:45:15 pm

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4/11/2017 09:46:20 pm

Awesome post.Great song you have mentioned here.I will practice is soon on my piano keyboard.Thank you so much


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